Simon Foley – Podcast Host

An enthusiastic but confused wargamer . . . both a historical and sci-fi / fantasy gamer in his time, most of his hobby time is spent making models and playing 40K and other games (badly) with his son and a few others…and getting beaten by all of them!

Slowly going senile and with ambitions to drink his own (considerable) bodyweight in cider, Simon was large…ly responsible for overseeing the podcasting shenanigans of 6s2hit, having started them in the first place,  but is taking more of a back seat whilst ably assisted by others. Always open to new gaming ideas, but rarely able to master any of them . . .

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A web QA tester and freelance WordPress developer and web designer / PC technician, married with 4 kids, Simon lives in Yatton, a village in North Somerset just outside the City of Bristol in the west of England.