Joseph Gunn – Podcast Regular / Guest Host

kthJoseph “Kiss The Hurricane” Gunn –  a regular contributor to / guest host on the podcast & 6s2hit forum regular

One of the “younger” members of the 6s2hit forum, Joe is a passionate wargamer who loves painting and gaming in equal measure. Although GW games are his main interest, he is slowly introducing himself to other systems.

Having been into the hobby since his early teens with only a short break in his late teens due to discovering women and beer, Joe has seen a number of changes in this great hobby. With his other main hobby fronting a metal band, Joe is certainly not shy to speak his mind and is always up for a wholesome debate on the podcast.

An Information Knowledge Management Engineer (yes that is a real job) by trade and married to a self confessed war gaming widow, Joe lives in sunny Derbyshire and only a short trip from Warhammer World (lucky sod!)

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